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Different Types of Storage; Cold Stores

Different Types of Storage; Cold Stores

Cold stores are storage facilities where products that need refrigeration such as pharmaceuticals and food products, fruit and vegetables, seafood and meat are kept. It is also a way to maintain product shelf life, i.e. to sustain freshness of goods. Current demand of cold stores in Myanmar is driven by the development of retail sector along with the growth of food & beverage industry.
It will only increase with the recent liberalisation of retail and wholesale sector to foreign companies. The hotel & tourism industry also demands cold stores; however, they are more into fast cold transportation that works in line with time limitation. Two main sectors that require cold stores in Myanmar are fishery and food & beverage sector.
In fishery sector, marine product processing plants are major users of cold stores. Controlled temperature in these plants ranges from 1°C to 5°C. According to the Fishery Statistics Report 2017, there are 123 of them across Myanmar;


• Yangon (75)
• Tanintharyi (20)
• Ayeyarwaddy (8)
• Mon (6)
• Rakhine (13)
• Shan (1)

The one in Shan state, Muse is not for processing, but to store fishery products temporarily before export to China. All these 123 plants are involved in export; which means quality of these facilities meets international standard. It is said that storage of processed goods are mostly in plants and not in a standalone facility. Canning and other processing for domestic consumption are excluded in this.
In food & beverage sector, demand of cold stores is driven by retail and food processing businesses.

“City Mart Holdings (CMHL) is a major player in the field”

Temperature controls varies depending on products. Cold storage is provided by Third Party Logistics (3PL) Companies operating in Yangon. Temperature controls in these facilities can vary depending on products such as frozen, chilled, air-conditioned and ambient. Some companies provide them separately in different chambers under one facility.
Required temperatures are

• -20°C for frozen,
• 5°C for chilled,
• 18°C for air-conditioned and
• 25°C for ambient.


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